Hosted PBX

We are partnering with the best in industry to deliver cost effective, reliable telco as well as Internet solutions from small business to middle enterprise businesses.  We can provide you with the latest and greatest technology that will work, requires minimum investment and opens doors to next level.

Our total voice management- hosted PBX system is fully hosted solutions that eliminates the cost of buying and maintainng  phone equipment. We take care of everything from the hardware and software, to ongoing maintenance. You do not need to worry about your voice services again and you can focus on your business.

  • Minimize costs and capital expenditures
  • Take control of your business communications
  • Eliminate maintenance issues and downtime
  • Never get busy tone ever again during power outage
  • Manage risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Switch without hassle

Our premium hosted PBX solution is run over a privately managed, secure data network, not the Internet. Your calls are private and stay private and never touch the Internet. Since it runs exclusively  over the private network, you will enjoy business-grade service at the same quality that you are accustomed to. Inside your business, a high end Cisco  router connects to your Cisco phone-sets to our private network. We provide everything, the router,phones and perform entire installation in your office or sites.

The Hosted PBX system offers all the features of a traditional  phone system, plus extra functionality and advanced calling features. You will enjoy more control over your communications with a scalable, affordable solution that can enhance your productivity.

These features are usually assigned as feature buttons -including soft keys on our Cisco models – on users’ IP telephones.

• 900/976 Blocking • Hunt Groups
• Abbreviated 2-digit Dialing 
• Indicated Call Park
• Anonymous Call Rejection • Intercom
• Authorization Code Calling • IP Address/Phone Number Announcement
• Billing Codes • Last Call Return
• Broadcast Paging • Meet-Me Conferencing
• Call Back Queuing • Monitor, Coach, and Barge-In
• Call Block (Selective Call Rejection) • Multi Call Park
• Call Duration Display • Music on Hold
• Call Forward All Calls • Mute
• Call Forward Busy • Night Mode (After-hours Answering)
• Call Forward No Answer • On-Net Routing
• Call Forward Out of Service • One-Touch Transfer
• Call Return • Permanent Caller ID Block Release
• Call Screening • Phone Configurator
• Call Trace • Priority Call
• Call Transfer • Privacy Guard
• Call Waiting • Queue/ACD
• Call Waiting ID • Reassign Phone
• Call Waiting/Caller ID Manager • Redial
• Caller ID • Release (End Call)
• Caller ID Block • Remote Access to Call Forward
• Class of Service • Remote Phone
• Console Assistant Application • Selective Call Block
• Conference • Selective Call Forward
• Direct Extension Assignment • Selective Call Treatment
• Direct Inward Dialing • SoftPhone Application
• Direct Outward Dialing • Speed Dial
• Directed Call Pickup • Super User Phone Assignment
• Distinctive Ring • Time-of-Day Routing
• Do Not Disturb • Toll Bypass
• Emergency Number Support • Transfer, Blind & Supervised
• Emergency Mobility Support • Urgent Call
• Forward to Voice Mail • Virtual Ring
• Find Me No Answer • Web Portal
• Group Call Pickup • Voice Mail
• Hold-on Queuing Hold


Also our solution is great for small or medium call centers as we can integrate the system with your CRM such as MS CRM or SalesForce and provide you with great reporting for your telco business, so you are always on the top of the game.

If you are looking to get scalable ad affordable solution without spending a lot of money, call us or contact us and we can provide you with the best solution in the market.