Data Recovery

Data loss is an occurrence of either physical/mechanical failure or logical corruption. Either situation is repairable when put into the right hands. We at RMK Consulting strive to provide you with a non-comparable industry excellence. Don’t risk your data to do-it-yourself software’s readily available it may make the situation worse. Don’t try to re-configure/re-initialize your raid arrays sometimes causing damage beyond repair. Put your important files in the hands of experts, who will walk you step by step through the entire process.

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Let them handle your critical data with expertise knowledge and confidence. We are partnering with the best in industry …RMK Consulting Inc. itself is OnTrack Certified Data Recovery Partner.

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  • Your Data is in the hands of industry experts
  • Innovative in-house research solutions
  • No Data, No Charge, no costly surprises
  • High Success Rates on recovery
  • Class 100 Clean rooms
  • Trained and Certified Data Recovery Experts
  • Carrying for you each step of the way

Hard Drive Data recovery

The first attempt at data recovery has the highest chance of recovery. Trusting experts with years of experience with sensitive data recovery cases ensures you have the highest probability of getting your data back. Every data loss case is unique and requires expertise, specialized tools, and precise attention to details. Due to the variety of causes of data loss, we offer No Obligation Free Evaluation, providing a clear summary of the details of each specialized situation.Our partner’s prices are not inflated by drive capacity, operating system or interface. Upon recovery, a file list will be generated, so you can rest assured that every desired file has been fully recovered. You only pay for successfully recovered data.

We can recover your data from these devices and much more:

  • Desktop Hard drives
  • Server Hard drives
  • Laptop Hard drives
  • Memory cards
  • USB drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Complicated RAID array systems and much more
Please download and complete the service request for data recovery service
Once you have completed the Service Request Form and you are ready, gives us a call to pickup your drive or follow up instruction from the partner FAQ – how you can ship the drive to closest Data Recovery Partner office. We can also provide you with our DISCOUNT CODE for your data recovery. CONTACT US and SAVE with US TODAY !