Data Backup

KineticD provides a fast, secure, flexible, and smart way to back up and restore data from your business. It’s designed for the needs of small business, and leaves a small footprint. Plus, it backs up and restores all your information in minutes to avoid costly down times.

When it comes to ranking important data, most people place their financial records near the top of the list. That’s especially true for business owners. You can protect all your valuable QuickBooks information through KineticD by backing up your scheduled backups from within QuickBooks. KineticD provides you with a secure place to store your financial data, and make it accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it – including during an emergency. Your information will enjoy the strongest protection available (Blowfish 448 encryption). It’s the same protection that banks use. Plus, we store your information in our Tier IV data centers that feature the highest level of security possible.

Most online backup providers make you believe the same backup solution can be used for everything. That’s why KineticD features two different types of backup clients:

  • - KineticD’s client for PCs, Macs and Laptops that boosts file based, fully automatic, patented continuous backups with seamless pause-and-resume operations for mobile devices; no schedules needed. This client can also be used for Windows File Servers.
  • - KineticD’s powerful backup client for server environments that delivers hybrid and agentless backup capabilities, advanced scheduling and integration with server side applications and DBs.

Our customers feel that this is the only way to deliver consistent, optimized backup and recovery performance.


Our Online Backup Solution is an ideal compliance solution for law firms, accountants, doctors, and restaurants or any small or medium business. KineticD understands the importance of compliance for your organization, and the following types of regulations are a priority for many of our customers. We will continue to add information on new regulations impacting these areas as it becomes available.